A Gentleman's Trend

Gentleman, you may have heard that diamonds are a Girl's best friend... but that doesn't stop them being your best friend as well!
Whether you're looking for an elegant wedding band, a good quality timepiece or a pendant of your birthstone, Jewellery is a fantastic way to customise your style and is ever growing in popularity amongst males!
Selecting your pieces can be tricky at first, so let us help with some top tips!
Obviously there is no right or wrong answer when choosing your metal, as excluding the benefits of value & lifespan, this choice is entirely subjective. Sticking to the classic metals of platinum, gold & silver will present a timeless appeal.
Another approach may be to match your existing jewellery to new pieces. For example, should you own a yellow gold wedding band, staying with that metal for new pieces will naturally create pairs & a theme within your overall style.
Having mis-matched items isn't necessarily wrong, as again this is subjective, but there is a risk of your collection looking thrown together and distracting from your overall impression.
It may be tempting to select a piece with a lower value, especially if your experience with jewellery isn't particularly high, or if you have a budget to consider. This may be good for the short-term, but like most scenarios, the benefits of thinking long-term are far more rewarding!
For example, whilst a silver piece may be less expensive than a platinum piece, over time platinum will retain its whiter & shinier appearance better than silver, its durability is higher and it will retain its high value. So it is definitely worth the investment as a statement piece!
Choosing a piece in a current trend can be exciting, many Gentleman will quickly discover the appeal of wearing jewellery and will want to continue to do so for a long time. Quality and excellent crafstmanship never go out of style! Whatever you select, just be safe in the knowledge yours can stand the test of time, especially if it's commemorative of a special event such as a wedding; these pieces aren't easily replaced.
In regards to timepieces & bracelets, they can surprisingly work extremely well as a combination on the same wrist, as opposed to single pieces on each wrist. Your timepiece should act like a foundation for bracelet or cufflink choices, so basing the colour & style of your bracelet or cufflinks to work with the colour & style of your timepiece usually results in an eye-catching look!
A major decision would be to select a piece containing either a gemstone or diamond. A considerable number of Gentleman are choosing wedding bands that contain diamonds to either match or compliment their wife's ring a symbolic act, or simply because that appreciate the appeal of diamonds. Gemstones however can present just as much of an appeal, even tieing in to point #3, as some Gentleman may find a layer of a timepiece with a green dial, a green-tinted bracelet and an Emerald-embedded signet ring very appealing indeed!
There is also of course the birthstone appeal.
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