Emerald – the birthstone for May

Emerald, the birthstone of May, holds a timeless allure steeped in symbolism of rebirth and vitality. Its lush green hue, synonymous with spring, has long been cherished and admired. From the poetic imagery of Ireland as "the Emerald Isle" to the radiant beauty of the gem itself, emerald has captivated hearts and minds across cultures and centuries.

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The rich variations of emerald green evoke visions of tranquil, verdant gardens. Legend has attributed mystical properties to emeralds, believing them to enhance intelligence and cure ailments like cholera and malaria. Today, emerald is a cherished gemstone gifted for significant milestones such as the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

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The meaning and history of the Emerald Birthstone

The Emerald has a storied history, captivating royalty from Egyptian pharaohs to Inca emperors like Cleopatra, known for her fondness for emerald adornments. The legendary Crown of the Andes, adorned with a stunning 24-carat emerald centre stone and 442 additional emeralds, reflects the enduring reverence for this May birthstone.
The word "emerald" originates from the ancient Greek "smaragdos," signifying a green gem. Roman author Pliny the Elder extolled emerald's soothing qualities, believed to relieve eye strain and fatigue. Throughout history, emerald was also credited with magical properties, believed to grant foresight and eloquence.


Where are Emerald’s produced?

Colombia has been renowned for producing the finest emeralds for over 500 years, particularly from mining sites like Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez. Other significant sources include Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, each contributing unique shades and qualities to this coveted gemstone.


Looking after your Emerald Birthstone

The Emerald, with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, requires careful handling to preserve its beauty. It is commonly treated to enhance colour and clarity through methods like dyeing or fracture filling. Proper care involves avoiding exposure to heat, pressure changes, and harsh chemicals, with cleaning recommended using gentle methods to prevent damage to filled fractures.

As a symbol of life and renewal, emerald remains a perennial favourite, ensuring its enchanting allure endures through generations. Whether as a personal indulgence or a heartfelt gift, emerald's vibrant green hues continue to captivate and celebrate the essence of springtime and vitality.