Make That Anniversary Special

Wedding Anniversary? Or perhaps the day you met? We've got you covered with all of the best Anniversary essentials...

Our Anniversary gift guide is a blend of fresh inspirations mixed with the traditional milestone anniversaries! Here you'll be sure to find the perfect anniversary gift to treasure your very own love story...
Traditional Anniversary Idea's…
3rd Anniversary Leather
Something simple for an early anniversary such as a Leather Bracelet could be the perfect gift this year!

30th Anniversary Pearls

Our Diamond Set Pearl Drop Necklace, with the choice of matching earrings may be the perfect set this anniversary. A pearl is known for symbolizing the scarcity and beautiful of a beautiful union between two individuals. Pearls are also recognized for purity, wisdom and innocence.

Products need to be added for Jade please. 
35th Anniversary Jade
A piece of Jade may be used to symbolize your 35th anniversary, previously Coral was a popular choice - due to environmental concern you may choose a Coral-coloured gemstone rather than an authentic piece of Coral. The modern alternative Jade may be a better choice due to its properties of wisdom, good fortune and love.
40th Anniversary Ruby
Rubies are known for enhancing passion due to their rich red colour being most often linked to romance and devotion. Shop the platinum ruby and diamond ring here!
45th Anniversary Sapphire

A piece of Sapphire Jewellery may be the perfect way to show your significant other how much joy they bring to your relationship as sapphire gemstones are known for their symbolism of joy and prosperity. Did you know Sapphire's can be found in almost any colour?
50th Anniversary Gold
Golden gifts are used to signify the strength of a relationship - a 50th Anniversary is certainly one to celebrate! Why not shop for something in yellow gold or if that’s not your style perhaps white gold! Our signature 88 Collection is available in both metals types and set with dazzling diamonds to commemorate the occasion. 

55th Anniversary Emerald
 Show your feelings of true love with an Emerald piece! One of our favorites is the Emerald and Diamond Ring set in 18ct white and yellow gold.
Green colour not for you? Try an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring!
60th Anniversary Diamond 

Many congratulations if you or your nearest and dearest have made it to the 60th Anniversary Mark - it's time to celebrate! Celebrate in style with a selection of diamond jewellery or perhaps a diamond dress ring...
Something a little different...
Not sure on what to buy but you know you don't necessarily want to follow the traditional aspect of an anniversary? Here are a few pieces that are a sure anniversary winner...
An eternity ring is a fantastic way to show your love and to celebrate your anniversary. With a wide variety of rings to choose from (some of which double as a dress ring) there is an eternity ring for everyone! Each ring available to order online and in store in your chosen metal, carat weight and ring size...
Choose Bespoke!
Already have an idea in mind of what you would like to design? Our team here at Wongs are experts in bespoke design, allowing you to have you say throughout the process as we take you from ideas and designs to a fabulous finished product! Book your bespoke consultation here.