Memorial Jewellery

Creating a special piece to honour a loved one

Here at Wongs, we can create beautiful jewellery to commemorate a loved one. 

There are various ways this can be done. 

If you have been left jewellery by a loved one, we can turn that jewellery into something wearable to hold your loved one close to your heart whenever you wear your new piece. 

Some metals can be melted down to remodel into a new style piece. Stones can be used to re-design and you may also add in other metals or stones, whatever your heart desires. 

You may wish to create a piece to carry ashes of your loved one in - this can also be done by our talented goldsmiths in our on-site workshop, meaning you can rest assured that everything is done on site.

Our expert team have assisted many customers with memorial jewellery and understand it is a sensitive decision. We will treat your jewellery with the upmost care, attention and respect, holding your hand through the process.

For any questions relating to memorial jewellery please email our friendly team on or call us on 0151 236 1552 - we are honoured to help.