Wedding Jewellery Inspiration: Incorporating ‘something blue’

How to Incorporate ‘Something Blue’ into Your Wedding Jewellery

The timeless wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" continues to hold a special place in the hearts of brides worldwide. Originating from the Victorian era, this custom is believed to bring good fortune and happiness to the newlyweds. While finding something old, new, or borrowed might be straightforward, incorporating "something blue" can be a bit more challenging, especially if blue doesn't align with your wedding theme. Here are our tips for seamlessly adding ‘something blue’ to your wedding jewellery.

Blue gemstone rings

Sapphire engagement or wedding bands:

A sapphire stone, celebrated for its durability and regal charm (like Princess Diana’s legendary engagement ring), makes a superb choice for an engagement or wedding ring. Whether it serves as the centerpiece of the ring or accents a diamond, sapphires exude timeless elegance. Additionally, this touch of 'wedding blue' will be a daily reminder of your special day.

Aquamarine rings:

For a more subtle shade of blue, consider aquamarine. With its gentle, serene hue, this gemstone is the perfect accessory for a wedding day.


 Earrings with a hint of blue

Stud earrings:

A pair of blue diamond or aquamarine stud earrings can add just the right amount of sparkle to your look without being overpowering. They offer a subtle hint of blue that won't clash with your color theme.

Drop earrings:

For a bolder statement, choose drop earrings adorned with blue gemstones like sapphires. These earrings beautifully complement updos and sweetheart necklines, which are popular hair and dress styles for weddings.


Blue Sapphire Necklaces

This accessory offers a subtle homage to tradition, ideal for brides who favor minimalist jewellery. Moreover, with a pendant necklace, you can enjoy wearing it daily for years to come, ensuring it becomes a valuable investment piece.

Blue bracelets and bangles

Tennis bracelets

Incorporating blue sapphires or topaz, a tennis bracelet seamlessly combines tradition with a splash of color.

Evening bracelets

Your wedding dress marks one of the most extravagant occasions in your life—enhance your ensemble with statement jewellery, like a dazzling sapphire and diamond evening bracelet.


Still looking for your ‘something blue’?

Incorporating "something blue" into your wedding jewellery not only pays homage to a beloved tradition but also empowers you to showcase your individual style on your big day. In certain instances, your "something blue" might even become a cherished everyday accessory long after the wedding festivities have ended. If you're unable to discover your perfect "something blue" among our collection of exquisite jewellery pieces, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of knowledgeable experts and personal shoppers. They're eager to assist you in finding the ideal addition.

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