The Bespoke Journey

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the creation of fine bespoke jewellery, an in-house workshop and a skilled team with the combination of over 100 years of expertise, Wongs is well equipped to turn your concept into a reality. 
One of the most magical things about Wongs is our ability to turn a simple idea or concept into an item of jewellery, which generations to come will treasaure and wear.

Why Bespoke?

Bespoke jewellery is fabulous for many reasons! Firstly, it will be completely unique to you and only you. Another bonus of bespoke jewellery is that you have complete control over all aspects of the design. From the metals, stones, settings and engravings.

Having the workshop in house means that our cutomers have the opportunity to liase with our goldsmiths in order to create the finest items of jewellery. Our cutomers are always welcome to visit the workshop to see exactly where their item will be made.

What is the Process?

The prospect of designing a bespoke piece may seem slightly overwhelming to someone with limited jewellery knowledge or experience. This is where we come in! Our aim is to take all of the stress out of the experience as we believe that the quality of the design process is just as important as the final product.

 The Discovery

First things first, we will collaborate with you to discuss your ideas and vision. We have an extensive portfolio of previous designs which can be used to draw inspiration from. Don't worry! You don't have to have have every aspect figured out, that is what our helpful team is there for!

The Design

Once the design has been confirmed and approved with you and the workshop we then move forward to the production element of the project! This begins with sourcing the precious materials which will be used in the piece. In some instances a sketch or CAD can be provided but if the design is simple in nature this step of the process isn't always needed.

We understand that every project, no matter big or small has a budget! We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that the materials we source fit into our high standards of quality and your budget. We bring you along every sep of the way. We can email you images of the materials such as stones or you can book in with us to view them.



The Production

When all components for the piece are ready they are then lovingly and maticulously pieced together in the workshop by our gold smiths. One of the most special services we offer (upon request) is documenting the process of the design. This can then be given to you in a media format to treasure! The final step in the workshops process is the final cleaning, polishing and all important quality control check! Nothing leaves the workshop unless it is perfect.

The Collection

  After this, you will be contacted and booked in to come and view your very own bespoke piece! From start to finish was want to make sure that you are recieving the best experience. This is why upon collection we offer a prosecco service and welcome any friends or family you want to bring! As a family buisness we welcome all generations so we have a childs play area if any little ones will be joining us!

 If you have a vision that needs bringing to life, contact us today!