Jewellery Cleaning
Over time, your precious wedding ring, watch or necklace may start to fade and look a little dull. General wear and tear, as well as exposure to skin oils and other substances can cause your jewellery to lose a bit of sparkle.
In order to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition, we recommend a professional clean at least once a year (something that we offer here at Wongs), as well as some home-based maintenance in between.
How to Clean Jewellery at Home
Maintaining your jewellery’s gleam throughout the year is surprisingly easy! A simple first step is to keep your special pieces away from substances such as perfume, body lotion and chlorine - especially gold and silver jewellery, as these tend to tarnish and corrode fairly easily.
When it comes to the ‘deep clean’, specialist jewellery cleaning products work best. If you don’t have these to hand then the next-best option is to use a mild solution of soap and water, and gently scrub your jewellery with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any stains and discolouration. It should then be rinsed with clean water and dried using a soft cloth (preferably one that’s lint-free).
This method can be used on most metals and stones including silver, gold, platinum, titanium and diamond, but it’s best to avoid using it on pearls, which should only ever be cleaned with cloths and water.
Jewellery Cleaning Products
If you want to use specially-formulated products to revive your jewellery, we stock a variety of high-quality jewellery cleaning accessories, including the renowned Connoisseurs collection.
The range includes Connoisseurs jewellery cleaners, wipes, polishing clothes and even a specialist diamond ring cleaner in the form of a Sonic Dazzle Stik Power Brush, all of which are tailored to different metals and stones.
Professional Jewellery Cleaning Service
If your jewellery is particularly tarnished or you’re nervous about cleaning it yourself, the best option might be having a specialist take care of it. Here at Wongs, we recommend getting a professional clean on an annual basis, but we’re here all year-round if your jewellery is in need of some TLC.
We offer a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service to help restore your jewellery to its original condition. Our in-store workshop is led by an expert jewellery maker with over 50 years’ experience, and his wealth of knowledge has rubbed off on all of our brilliant staff who will be able to assist you.
Our Services Include:
- Removing tarnish using high-quality jewellery cleaning products and soft polishing cloths
- Restoring brilliance to silver, gold, platinum and other types of metals using specialist techniques
- Buffing to help polish out surface scratches
- Ultrasonic cleaning
- Magnetic polishing
- Steam cleaning
Find Out More
Whether your jewellery is in need of a deep clean or a gentle polish, Wongs has all the resources to get your rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces dazzling again. Use our online form to book an appointment, or alternatively, you can call us on 0151 236 1552.