Merseyside Women Of The Year Awards ✨🏆

Our team are out today supporting the wonderful women of Merseyside and celebrating all of the super ladies that have made a difference across the region, whether it be through their businesses or work that they have performed amongst the wider community.
The 'Merseyside Women of the Year' awards, which is ran by women for women is an event which we have previously supported and continue to do so, due to the fantastic work that is performed and celebrated. We are absolutely honoured to be involved again this year, celebrating all of the amazing individuals that have made an impact across the region.
In addition to our support, we have our wondrous workshop team at the event demonstrating their skills for all of the wonderful ladies in attendance. Taking to the bench to bring all of that sparkle and shine back into any of your precious pieces 💎✨ ( If you are there today please don't forget to show our workshop duo Ben and Max some love! ) Any questions that you may have about jewellery or bespoke creations via our workshop, these are your guys, so do not hesitate to pick their brains or discuss any design ideas that you may be thinking of.
We also have our fabulous diamond experts Jenny and Charlie at the event displaying some of our most stunning pieces whilst offering up a wealth of knowledge regarding all things sparkle! With over 30 years experience in the trade, these lovely  ladies will be around to discuss anything from the perfect gifts to those all important engagement and wedding pieces.