Christmas Proposal Ideas

By Hannah Wiggins, December 2022

Christmas time is a season filled with love and joy what better way to add to the festivities than with a Christmas proposal! Whilst you may think of Valentine's as one of the most "romantic" seasons Christmas is often the most popular time to pop the question...
Whether it be due to religion, the festive spirit or getting to spend those extra special moments with your nearest and dearest, getting engaged at Christmas time just makes the season even more special! 
If you do decide to propose at Christmas time and are searching for ideas on how to make it a reality we have put together a list of our favourite ways to proposal this Christmas season...

1. Hide the ring in their stocking

A Christmas morning proposal could be the best way to start your day! 
Just before all the madness of Christmas day starts, you're unwrapping your stocking fillers, have them unwrap the ring box last and get down on one knee as the last piece of wrapping paper comes away - a little cheesy but it's hard not to love this idea!

2. Make your own proposal Christmas cracker

Are you looking for a creative way to surprise your other half? We are sure most of you pull Christmas crackers every year around the table so why would this year be any different? Because you’ve filled one very special one with their engagement ring of course! Now if you can’t squeeze the box into a fill your own cracker we suggest wrapping the ring into something for protection - perhaps even the tissue paper Christmas hat - as engagement rings are very durable but we don’t want to risk it being flung across the table and damaged! 

3. Say it in lights!

A more romantic idea that can be used at anytime throughout the Christmas season is spelling out ‘marry me’ in lights that can be the backdrop for you getting down on one knee. A sweet idea for those who would prefer a more intimate proposal rather than a family affair! 

4. Leave a little box under their tree…

Sometimes less is more and for those and going back to basics isn’t a bad idea either! Go the subtle route by wrapping the ring box under the tree and have them open that present last to give you time to to prepare to get down on one knee…

5. A Christmas Eve Cheers!

If you both enjoy a little bit of bubbly why not propose by putting aside a special bottle to enjoy in the moment! You can even get personalised champagne bottles…decorate the bottle with a message that says “Will You Marry Me?” And surprise your family with the news the next day to make this Christmas a memorable one! 

6. The Advent Calendar Proposal

Swap the present in the advent calendars final date for a ring! We all love chocolate but diamonds really are a girls best friend. This proposal idea is a the perfect little surprise to be had on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day depending on the dates of your advent calendar! 
Good luck to all of our wonderful customers who are planning to propose this Christmas! It’s not too late for you to decide you want to propose this Christmas…
We have an array of rings ready to go in store this Christmas.