A Guide to Eternity Rings

What is an eternity ring and what do they symbolise?

Eternity rings symbolise infinity and its circular shape has historically represented the “circle of life”. Eternity rings also symbolise everlasting love, as well as being just as much of a promise of commitment as an engagement or wedding ring.

Our Eternity rings fall into two common categories:

Full eternity rings
Full eternity rings feature a full row of diamonds or gemstones around the band.

Half-eternity rings
Half-eternity rings have a half row of diamonds or gemstones, sparking at the front.



When do you give an eternity ring
to your loved one?

Traditionally, Eternity rings are given to celebrate significant milestones in a relationship. The materials used in an eternity band means that they are curated to last forever.

Eternity ring designs can feature gemstones as well as diamonds, such as a green emerald and diamond eternity ring, a sapphire and diamond eternity ring or a ruby and diamond eternity ring. Eternity rings are a perfect gift to mark a special wedding anniversary, a birthday or an extra thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Eternity rings – how to wear one

Common questions around eternity rings are “which order do you wear your engagement, wedding and eternity rings” and which finger does the eternity ring go on.

All of the above rings should sit in the fourth finger on your left hand and as tradition states the order of the rings should be:


First: Your wedding ring
Second: Your engagement ring
Third: Your eternity ring


Tradition is not something you have to follow specifically... it is completely up to you which order the rings sit on your finger or if you’d prefer to wear your eternity ring on your right hand. We hope you've found this guide useful, please book an appointment online using the link below to arrange a consultation in-store and meet one of our jewellery experts.