How Far in Advance Should You Buy an Engagement Ring?

Are you planning to make your proposal extraordinary with a custom engagement ring? Keep in mind that the process can take around 4-6 weeks from your appointment in-store to receiving the finished ring. We think it's definitely wise to start planning well ahead of your desired proposal date.

It is crucial to have a clear plan for when and how you'll propose. It is equally important to understand whether your partner would prefer to shop for and design the ring with you or be surprised with a bespoke ring crafted beforehand.

When Should You Purchase an Engagement Ring?

Are you wondering how far in advance you should buy an engagement ring? The timeline largely depends on the complexity of the ring’s design. If you're considering a custom-made ring, it's advisable to contact us at your earliest convenience to kick-start the process.

At Wongs Jewellers, we encourage your involvement throughout the process. As one of Liverpool's premier bespoke engagement ring makers, we offer workshops where you can witness the creation of your custom piece firsthand - you'll gain insight into our meticulous manufacturing process.

How Long Does a Custom Engagement Ring Take to Make?

Designing a bespoke engagement ring is an intricate process. Variations in stone characteristics, despite matching on paper, contribute to the complexity.

With extensive experience in traditional jewellery making, CAD design, and stone selection, Wongs Jewellers ensures your ring exceeds expectations.

We offer consultations from the outset to understand your vision and create a ring that truly reflects you and your partner. We’re transparent and honest, and we guide you through the process of crafting your dream engagement ring.

Create Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

At Wongs Jewellers, we specialise in crafting uniquely special engagement rings. Ready to create an unforgettable proposal? Contact us today for guidance on when to purchase an engagement ring and even the most discreet ways to determine your partner's ring size!