Real life love stories: Owen and Lauren

Owen and Lauren

An Underwater Proposal! 

By Hannah Wiggins, October 2022

First, we have to ask how did you and Lauren meet and how long have you two been together?

Me and Lauren first met in 2018, we already knew each other through mutual friends, we got speaking when Lauren had posted on her Instagram that she was selling Arctic Monkeys tickets. Unfortunately, these had already sold but the conversation continued to flow, and the rest is history!

Oh how funny - the best things really happen when you least expect!

Tell us about the proposal, how did you do it? How did you feel, were you nervous or calm and collected?

We have just recently got back from a family holiday in Turkey, I (Owen) had it planned that we was going to a restaurant called Nemos where they had an aquarium. I got the diver to go in to the aquarium and reveal a picture of us asking will you marry me? I was ok with it all, a little on edge when trying to get the ring though security as I had it on me. However, once we were on the way the restaurant I was getting nervous, I had to give the diver 15 minutes to prepare so it was like a countdown ready for it all to happen, I was really nervous! Once it was all over it I felt like weight had been lifted off my shoulders...
Nemo| SWOT Hospitality
Tell us about the ring! Lauren, do you love it, did he choose well?
Oh yes, Owen couldn’t of chose a more perfect ring for me, I couldn’t of myself! Honestly it’s the most amazing ring I’ve ever seen, I’m obsessed I literally can’t stop looking at it. Even one of my friends commented and said if she could've ever of picked a ring for me it would've looked exactly like that. It’s just me!
Ah we are so pleased to hear that! Sounds like Owen did an amazing job of selecting a ring for you!
Now, we have to ask have you begun wedding planning and set a date or are you just enjoying being on cloud 9?

We're just enjoying the engaged life at the moment but I’m sure the wedding planning is just around the corner. Lauren can’t wait to go to wedding fairs already!
Sounds just perfect, best of luck with the wedding planning! We can't wait to have you back for wedding rings but for now thank you for choosing Wongs and sharing your real life love story!