Real life love stories: Emma and Dominic


By Hannah Wiggins, November 2022

A massive congratulations to Emma and Dominic who recently got engaged in Barcelona! The two of you radiate happiness and we couldn't be more pleased for you. Here's the story on how their proposal unfolded...
Firstly, we must did you and Dominic meet, where did it all begin for the two of you?

We met in a bar on Castle Street. We had a lot of mutual friends and our families all grew up together and knew each other well but we hadn’t crossed paths yet. We had the best first date and drunkenly agreed to a dog walk the following day to cure our hangovers.

How funny! Now, tell us about the proposal! Dominic how did you feel, were you nervous at all or quietly confident? And Emma was it a total surprise for you? 

Emma - Dominic booked Barcelona to celebrate my 30th birthday. I turned 30 in July and we went in November. We got to our hotel and went to see the rooftop bar which was empty, Dominic suggested we take a photo on the rooftop, he set up what I thought was a timer but he started videoing, walked over to me and got down on one knee.

Dominic - It was something I knew I wanted to do for a few years but we’ve been saving to buy our first home which we finally moved into in April. I wasn’t nervous on the buildup although the nerves started kicking in on the way to Barcelona knowing the ring was in my pocket. I did get nervous as I was setting the camera up and pulling the ring out but marriage is something we’ve always spoken about so I was quietly confident in what the answer would be.

Emma - It was a complete shock, but a good shock. I just couldn’t believe it was happening, everything went slow and felt dream like. 
A rooftop proposal wow!  Emma tell us about your ring! Do you love it, did Dominic choose well?

Emma - I honestly couldn’t have chosen better myself. I’ve loved Wongs for years and always looked in the windows in awe. It’s the perfect ring, it’s classic. I can’t stop staring at it! I just can’t believe he chose THE ring! 
We couldn't be more pleased that it has all worked out for the two of you and that Emma you adore your ring too, perfect! 
Lastly, we have to ask have you begun wedding planning and set a date or are you enjoying being on cloud 9 for now?

Emma - Firstly, I’ve never fully understand the saying cloud 9 until now. That’s exactly where we have been!

Realistically our wedding will be in 2/3 years, however I have started the spreadsheets, I may have booked into a dress shop, I may have enquired about a few venues…

Dominic - I’m just happy to be able to talk about it without having to throw Emma off the scent that I’m about the propose. But we’re looking forward to the next couple of years of planning!
Well there are definitely some exiting times ahead for you both! Good luck dress shopping Emma, we love hearing all of the stories of our couples wedding planning and of course we can't wait to see the two of you for your wedding rings!
Thank you from all of the team at Wongs for choosing us to be a part of your story and sharing your special moments....
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