Real life love stories: Jamie and Jess

Jess and Jamie

A Positano Engagement!

By Hannah Wiggins, July 2022

Jess said yes! Congratulations to Jess and Jamie on their engagement in Positano, Italy - let's just take a minute to appreciate this stunning engagement! 

Let's start at the beginning, when did you first meet? 

We met at work in 2016 but didn’t start dating until a while later. Everybody in work tried for months to set us up and were convinced we would be perfect together! We eventually got together in the November and have been together ever since (nearly 6 years!). 
We would love to know the story behind you gorgeous proposal photos!  How did the proposal go? Jamie, were you nervous or quietly confident? Jess, was it a complete surprise? 

It was all planned so perfectly I still can’t believe Jamie was able to keep it a secret! We were on holiday on the Amalfi Coast and Jamie told me that he had booked a nice meal in Positano. When we arrived he suggested we have a walk on the beach as we were a little early. I didn’t realise he’d planned a secret photographer until right at the last minute when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He’d been chatting to the photographer for months to plan the location and the pictures ended up perfect. I was TOTALLY shocked! He had been saying for months about how it’s not the right time to think about engagements and weddings etc as we have such a busy year so I had no clue that it was coming. Jamie was nervous about things going to plan, especially the photos, but he was confident I’d say yes which of course I did! It all worked out perfectly in the end and we got to celebrate with a lovely meal afterwards at a rooftop restaurant before FaceTiming all of our family and friends. 

Jamie chose a pear cut engagement ring complete with diamond shoulders!

Tell us about the ring, Jamie, why did you choose it and Jess, do you love it? 

I absolutely love the ring, it is perfect! We visited Wongs about a year ago just browsing and we saw a few different style of rings and so had the chance to chat about what I liked/didn’t like then Jamie did the rest! I love how the shape is a little unusual and it’s just so sparkly. He got it engraved with ‘Positano’ and the date we got engaged so it feels even more special.

That is so sweet! Are you looking forward to planning your wedding? Have you already started?

Yes we can’t wait to start planning! We’ve already booked to see a potential venue and I’ve already got lots of lists and excel sheets ready to go! We are thinking of September 2023 in the Lake District as we spent the first couple of years of our relationship there most weekends.
Sounds amazing we can't wait to see you for wedding rings!
Thank you for sharing your love story with us... 
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