Real life love stories: Kerry and James

Kerry and James

A Cape Town Table Top Mountain Proposal!

By Hannah Wiggins, October 2022

Congratulations to Kerry and James who recently got engaged on Kerry's birthday! The two were travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town and whilst surrounded by the most epic views... James proposed! Here's the story...

Firstly, we have to ask, how did you and James meet? Take us back to the beginning... 

When we asked Kerry how the two met she told us that they had actually met in high school, year 7 to be specific, but were just friends. Although, Kerry did fancy James! They left school at 16 and didn't cross paths again until they were 24, sparks flew after a few dates in 2018 the couple became official - that was just the start for James and Kerry!

Tell us about the proposal, how did James propose? How did you feel? Were you surprised? We have to say your photos are truly amazing! 

Kerry: "The proposal was absolutely gorgeous, it was my birthday on the Monday and as we were travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town on that day James decided we would celebrate my birthday on the Tuesday the 18th so we went to the V&A waterfront for lunch and he had booked the cable car to the top of Table Mountain for the sunset. When we got to the top we had a little drink and a wander and we stopped in a part that was quite secluded with gorgeous views and when I set my phone up to get a video James posed for a picture... and then he kind of stopped as I went to move and he said 'I love you you know'.... and then he got down on one knee!"

How fabulous! Certainly a surprise then - how funny that you caught your own proposal on camera!

Kerry: "I still can't quite believe it now. I was shocked as we had been on holiday for a week and I didn't think he would be able to wait that long. I was so happy, overwhelmed, shocked, surprised. I honestly don't think I've ever been so happy. So grateful for him as well, I am honestly the luckiest girl because he is the most amazing boyfriend and person ever." 
Wow it sounds like you are just the perfect match! Tell us about your ring! Do you love it, did James choose well?
Kerry: "My ring is absolutely gorgeous! It's a platinum ring, emerald cut single diamond with diamond shoulders - honestly absolutely everything I would have wanted and more, it's perfect." Kerry later confessed "We've talked about getting engaged in the past and I am guilty of sending him all the rings on your Instagram - I love them all!" 
How funny! We are so pleased that you love your ring it looks beautiful!
Lastly, have you begun wedding planning and set a date or are you just enjoying being on cloud 9?
We are hoping to get married in the next 2-3 years but at the moment I'm just so happy and we are both enjoying our little bubble! We've got a miniature dachshund called Daphne and we've just recently bought our house so we are excited to just enjoy this next chapter with our little pooch. 
Enjoy being in the 'engagement bubble'! We can't wait to see you for wedding rings! Thank you from all of the Team here at Wongs and our readers for sharing your real life love story! We wish you a lifetime of love, luck and happiness together...
Congratulations once again from Team Wongs x