Spooky Season Gemstones

By Hannah Wiggins, October 2022

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get in the spooky mood than to celebrate with some spooky gems! 

1. Ruby

Rubies are often describes as blood-red gemstones, making them the go to gemstone this spooky season! Ruby is one of the 'big four' gemstones alongside Emeralds, Sapphires and Diamonds making them extremely desirable.

Some rubies are even described to have a 'pigeon blood' red colour. This gruesome yet descriptive term is actually recognised within the jewellery industry as a colour reference for rubies with a vibrant red colour. The term is thought to come form Burma, where the miners would describe these vividly red rubies as “ko-twe” which translates as pigeon's blood. 

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2. Amethyst 

While many people think of orange, red and black when it comes to Halloween, purple is actually another popular colour for the holiday! Purple can be associated with the darkness and mystery of the purple night sky colour we begin to see as autumn creeps in. Would you choose an amethyst for your Halloween gemstone this year? Contact us for all of your Amethyst needs here!

3. Emerald

How about some grotesque greens for spooky season! Emeralds are always a stunning choice whether they're set in white gold or yellow gold, Halloween or any regular day! Emeralds have a high hardness measuring at 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale. We have a range of emerald stock ready in store for you this October! Shop Emerald jewellery here...

4. Black Diamonds

Diamonds are generally known as being a bright sparkling white gemstone but diamonds actually come in a range of colours - including black! Red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue and green are all possible diamond colours but the cause of colour has only been determined for a few of these colours. Yellow is caused by nitrogen, blue is caused by boron and green by irradiation! Research for the cause of colour in black diamonds is relatively recent but it has been determined that the colour comes from a high volume of internal features known as inclusions. Black diamonds have become a popular choice for engagement rings in recent years... perhaps there's a spooky engagement in the making?

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Happy Halloween to all of our customers! 
We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween...