Breastfeeding Friendly

Mums we've got you!


As an independent jeweller, family is always at the forefront of our business, in fact it’s one of our core values We want every mum to feel comfortable and completely at ease when visiting us, especially when it comes to feeding or caring for their little ones. Therefore, we feel that it is our duty to support mums in ensuring that they are offered a private, clean and quiet space to assist them during their breast feeding journey.

Being a business that is predominately made up of women (of which many are mums!) we want to know that we are always here for you, whether you need a quiet place to feed and care for baby or just need some one to one time and a drink to help support you during your visit! The importance of a welcoming and supportive environment during this time is hugely appreciated by our entire team, in particular our commercial director Cynthia Cartwright who says;

“As a mum myself who has experienced breastfeeding and how daunting it can be, I feel that it is our duty as an independent business within our city, to support mums who have felt stressed and perhaps self conscious during feeding whilst out and about. We hope that this will provide reassurance for those who may be a little worried prior to visiting us, that they are in a completely friendly and supportive environment ”.

If you’re in town, (shopping or not!) Please feel free to join us for a complimentary hot cup of tea/coffee or a refreshment of your choice.

Liverpool Bambis

Liverpool Bambis (babies and mums breast feeding information and support) are a team of peer supporters who offer breastfeeding support and information to pregnant women, breastfeeding Mums and their families.

Working in Liverpool Women’s Hospital, in the community and across children’s centres, we are proud to support them and the amazing work that they continue to do.